It’s been a while I haven’t written this thing. I saw many people wrote what they have done last year. Thus, I should do as well, lol.


Yeah, It’s time to work. I graduated in June so the first thing I should do was finding some jobs. Eventually, I got a job at Company which was doing about travel agency. And that company brought me in the world of C# and Scala which I hadn’t learned about it. It’s tough at start but now I think it’s fine :)


Do something

Couple of months when I started working, I found that I had so much leisure time and I wanted to improve my skill. So, I thought about it but I had no idea at all. One day, I talked with my father and I knew that my father was trading golds at that time. Normally, he has to go to some websites to check the gold’s price. But if it’s me, I was lazy to do that. What about installing some apps to get a notification? His phone storage is almost full. Chat bot might be a good way out! My family always uses the chat application called “Line” It’s very popular here and there is chat bot feature for it. I started to study about Line chat bot and finally, I got “GoldPriceTracking” which is a Line official account. It will send a message when the gold’s price is changed. I will try to add more features for it, for example, graph to see history of price(now it’s there but not good). If you’re interested, Don’t hesitate to add it to be one of your favorite. ^_^

Let’s hunt

One of my favorite game is Monster Hunter. It’s game that you and your friends help each other to hunt a dragon. It’s very fun. Firstly, I played it on PSP (Playstation portable) but until it moved from PSP to Nintendo Ds, I haven’t played it. Recently, I have heard that it will launch on PS4 (Playstation 4) in January 2018 and I have some games I want to play on PS4 too.Therefore, this is a good time to buy something to be a gift for myself after hard working for half year lol. I’ve just got a slim model because I don’t have 4k TV so Pro model isn’t necessary


Happy new year 2018, wish you all have a good life ^o^