Hi 2019!

Time flies incredibly fast, another 1 year. Last year, there were a lot of things happened either good or bad. It was another year that gave me an experience immensely.

Manage your thought

Many things can make you feels stress. Not even from the work but also from your closed relation, like family.

Start investing something

Last year I intended to invest in something which I can do it easily. At that time, cryptocurrency was very popular and looked liked I had a hope to get some profit. I invested without any knowledge of it. As a result. I lost almost 50% in 1 week. But I didn’t give up. I consistantly invested every month. Try to average the lost. Nevertheless it’s stil lost lol. Anyway I don’t give up my hope to see it rises someday.

Go to concert!

I think this is my first year start going to concert, korean concert. I have listened to korean song for few years because of my friend. She recommened me to listen Give love by AKMU. When I fisrt listened to it. I really liked it. Consequently, I’m a little addicted to it . This year I join around 3 - 4 concerts which I think it might be too much lol