Hello again 2020!

what to say… Looks like I didn’t do much thing last year, did I? Hmm… maybe not I will think about what I have done.

Working life

Around October 2018, There was a change according to my job. Change the team! I didn’t expect to change the team because it was just a year when I started working. It was very challenging for me. I’m the one backend engineer in that team. Thus, It is kind of stressful for me to take care and API without much knowledge about it. Nevertheless, up until now, so far so good!.

Keep implementing something

Even if I did not implementing new thing. I improved my own application instead. For instance, GoldPriceTracking, I did improve UI below.

By the way, this year, I will find something new to implement. :)

Got a new laptop!

After a long indecisive decision between macOS and linux. I decided to go for linux, especially, archlinux. Although macOS is great. I still love linux. Linux teaches me a lot of thing whether it be command line, fixing problem and vim. Because of customization which is one of the pros of linux, you can choose desktop environment whichever you like, such as, gnome, kde, i3 etc. For me, I like gnome the way it is not that minimal but it provides a fluent UI and UX. Frankly speaking, I like macOS desktop and gnome is kind of alike hahaha. The machine what I think that it will compaitible with linux is Thinkpad. It’s a bussiness grade so I hope it will survive with me at least 4 or 5 years.

See ya!