Hi, Javacript Bankgkok 1.0

It has been a while I haven’t been to any big tech event. This is my first event and might be the last event for this year. because of covid-19. Javascript is one of the most popular programming language these days. You learn once you can use it for both backend and frontend. Such a cool language ha. However, for this post, when I am writing this. It is 5 months later from the event date, 8 Feburary 2020, so I almost forget everything. Thus, this post will be just a short note for the topic which I can recall.

A journey of building large scale reusable web components

  • Web component
  • Rigid API > Flixible API (too flexible sometimes is hard to maintain)
  • Testing
    • Component quality > Product Quality

Optimize design pattern for game to web

  • Memory Allocation
    • Use object pool
    • Data locality
    • Fly weight

The are of carfting CodeMods

  • Code to rewrite code
    • jscodeshift
    • recast
  • AST -> Abstract Syntax Transform

React practice from functional programming from

  • First class function
  • Anonymoush function
  • … Functional programming paradigm

Http cancel

  • Debounce
  • NestJs RxJs
  • Think reactive
  • Use observables even for single value stream
  • Do not ignore teardown logic

How I met my super set of Javascript

  • It is something about how to talk to PO to be able to do technical things which I cannot remember lol…

Talking about “scale”

  • 4 mains metric for monitoring
    • Latency
    • Traffic
    • Error
    • Saturation

      How full your system is? Time to upgrade?

People & Process

  • Remote collaboration tips
    • Priority alignment

      Not everything is priority

    • Regular syncing
    • Real time sometimes, async most of the time

Adventure of the eventloop

  • event-loop.ez.codes

End-to-End type safe GQL

  • GQL
    • not a library
    • not a framework
    • a language …
  • Type Generator -> auto generate the type -> mostly it makes all fields to be nullable

Work on you life and make it balance

  • Avoiding burnout
  • Manage your time!

How to achieve

  • Organize your time and energy
  • Find a pace where give you a balance!

SOLID in Javascript without class

  • Mostly they show the code so I do not have much to write about this.

Devtools CSS

  • Flex
  • Sub grid


This is more about modding the game flow. In the past, when there was not much technology and do not have much money. Try using google sheets as a database and Dropbox as a storage. But now we do have Github and a lot of free hosting.

Building your first malicious chrome extension

This is kind of live coding, if I remember correctly. Thus, I do not have much to tell lol.

The story of dance-mat.js

They show how to do D.I.Y dance-mat by some D.I.Y things and raspberry pi if I recall correctly.

Speed up heavy data visualization with Rust and

  • Rust love WebAssembly
  • D3-wasm-force
  • Yew, rust framework

A love story written in javascript

Showing live coding, how to write automate program to like girls in tinder

  • Inquier, chalk, apisauce, dotevn, conf
  • Gluegun, oclift

These are what I have for that event. It is such a good event. If in the future there is, I will join for sure. Until that time, see ya!