This time, every year, It is kind of traditional that everyone is writing summary what they have done in the past year. I’m one of them as well, hahaha. For me, I roughly summarize into 3 topics. Let’s see what they are.

Being a software engineer for 5 years

Last year, 2022, I have been working as a software engineer for 5 years. Time flys very fast. I don’t feel like I have been working this long. There was a change happened to me as well. I changed the team! Even though, it was not like starting from zero but I have been in a role that I needed to mentor other people. It was quite challenging. Anyway, let’s see how it is going to be in the next year.

Read some books

I was starting reading some books last year. I would say that it was my new hobby. I am not that a book lover. In fact, I don’t like read books, hahaha. Somehow I just though like Okay, let's try reading this one. It was not that that bad. So I keep continue reading it. So far, I finished Bitcoin Standard, Investing Bitcoin, How to make work not suck and a couple books. Because of this hobby, it made me went to lots of cafe as well.

Continue on Investment

It has been couple of years that I started investing in something, both stock and crypto. Even though it is a really good year, especially for crypto. Nevertheless, I still think it will comeback somedays.