Hello!, it is this time again for every year. Time to recap what I have done so far in the last year. I feel like last year pass quite fast. Not sure if I’m really enjoy or something else lol. As always, I will summarize only 3 bullets point (Just lazy to do it more). Let’ s see what are those things.

Almost going to be 3 ish years-old

Yeah, this year I’m going to be 30 years old. In the past, I really thought that by the time I turned 30, I would be very mature. In fact, I feel no different when I turned into 25, lol. My colleagues who are around my age feel the same way. Perhaps it’s good that we still feel young.

However, our bodies don’t feel as young. I’ve started to hear my body saying, ‘Please take better care of me.’ My health check results aren’t that good, so I think it’s time to be serious about my health.

Finally got a macbook

Yeah, again. it was time to change my laptop. Back then, I was using the Dell Latitude 7240, a really nice laptop with a 12.5-inch screen that was very easy to carry. I had a strong desire to buy a MacBook at that time, but I also missed Linux, and switching to macOS would mean giving that up. So, I decided to go with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 with a 2K screen with Arch Linux and Gnome desktop.

After purchasing it, I discovered that the 2K resolution of the screen presented a problem with Linux. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the resolution itself but rather the size of the screen, which was 14 inches. Normally, you would need to scale it to around 150% to see things comfortably. However, Linux, especially with the Gnome desktop, couldn’t handle fractional scaling between 100% and 200%, making it challenging. While there was a workaround involving adjusting the font size, an experimental feature for fractional scaling was available, but it proved to be quite horrible.

I used the ThinkPad for almost four years, and now it was time to change my laptop again. This time, without hesitation, I opted for macOS. Even though I miss Linux, I’m content and happy with macOS.

Keep reading and coding

This is the year I started reading books, something I used to despise. My aversion was mainly because I had to read for exams. However, this time, I’m reading purely for enjoyment or to explore topics I’m genuinely interested in. The experience is so much better when it’s not driven by exam pressure; it’s a refreshing change.

Additionally, when it comes to coding, I have my own personal program that I implemented a couple of years ago. I’m still maintaining it and adding some new features.

These are very breifly what is going on to me in 2023. And if you see that this is written quite good. Thanks to chatGPT for helping me correcting grammar hahaha. See ya!

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