Hi, welcome back to my blog. This article doesn’t relate to tech at all. I did read one book named, How to not die alone, by Logan Ury, a behavioral scientist turned dating coach, dismantles the common pitfalls people fall into while looking for love. By using insights from psychology and practical exercises, the book equips you to overcome these obstacles and make smarter decisions throughout your dating journey, ultimately helping you find and build the relationship you desire.

I grab 2 key takeaways which will shift your perspective as you embark on your next romantic adventure!

What matters less than we think

Money: Important but not everything. Prioritize compatibility over wealth.

Good looks: Look beyond physical attraction. Focus on long-term factors over lust.

Similar personality: Find someone who complements you, not someone exactly like you.

Shared hobbies: Enjoying different activities is okay. Give each other space for your own hobbies.

What matters more than we think

Emotional stability and kindness: Look for how they treat others and handle stress.

Loyalty: See if they have long-term friendships and if people rely on them.

Growth mindset: See how they approach challenges, setbacks, and learning.

Personality that brings out the best in you: Feel energized, challenged, and happy around them.

Skills to fight well: Focus on being heard, making repair attempts, and fighting productively.

Ability to make hard decisions together: Make real decisions together to see how you work as a team.