1. Electrical & Computer Enginerring (EIC)
  2. Entertainment Innovation Center (ECE)

Electronic and Computer Engineer (ECE)

Many things can make you feels stress. Not even from the work but also from your close

4 main research fields
  1. AI
  2. Internet of thing
  3. yber security
  4. Big data
Master degree
  1. 1 year at cmkl, 1 year at cmku
  2. selective support for financial
  3. Intense course work
  4. Implement things impact industry

Entertainment Innovation Center (EIC)

It’s kind of innovation and technology combination. The work is project based. There are 3 categoires of projects, client sponsered, EIC research and student pitch.

  1. the fundamentals of the EIC

    learn creative development and professional development
  2. Building Virtual worlds

    learn collaborative creative problem-slving
  3. Visual Stroytelling

    flimmaking course for non-flimmakers
  4. Improvisational Acting

    learn how to develop strategies for creating trust.

These 2 department seems interesting to everyone. Maybe in the future I might join here lol.

See you later!